Beginner Hacking 2.0 - Episode 1 - Setting up Kali Linux in Virtualbox


In this post, we will install VirtualBox and Kali and get your environment fully functional. For this we are going to use VirtualBox, however, you can use VM Player/Work Station. Not much is different, but it all comes down to your preferences.

Downloads before starting:

We need to grab the Kali Linux image from their website for this tutorial we are going to be using the 64bit image.  If you have a 32Bit processor or a 32bit operating system you must select the 32 bit version of Kali otherwise yours will not work. Once that is finished downloading we can add it to our lab environment.

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Now that the installer has booted we are going to go through the Kali installation.

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Once you have done all of this you can go ahead and start up your Kali VM. Once it is loaded it’s always best to run an update/upgrade to ensure that you have the latest updates.

apt -y update && upgrade

Now it is slightly annoying working on the tiny screen that you first get, but you can get this VM to work in full screen.

apt install -y virtualbox-guest-x11

Then we need to restart the system for the install to take effect.


This doesn’t just allow for fullscreen functionality, it also gives you the ability to copy and paste from host to VM.

It has been known for this to not always work and there are tons of reasons for this so I can’t help, however, a simple search should be able to help you out.