suggestion for a new video about email spoofing!  


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11/02/2017 3:02 pm  

hey i really like your videos, when you have some spare time can you possibly make a video about email spoofing, i saw a comment that u made some time ago that you can buy a smtp server and spoof that way but i couldnt find any good tutorials for this, i only found this site  and it does work but its rly strange i  tested it  and it got in my inbox and bypassed spam filter in gmail but after the spoofed sender name it showed  a lil icon via and it showed a domain ,you can see it in the picture below,

so it would be nice if you could explain all of this because im really confused.
I also emailed  the people that run that site and they replied and said they use some sort of php script for spoofing and hosting it, but they didnt said anything about any smtp server so i got even more confused lol.
I did try some other sites and  the emails just go to spam but they dont show that via icon thingie.
So what does all this mean ? im really interested.
Thanx in advance.



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