Installing 2x Windows 10 Clients



  • Download Windows 10
  • Import Windows 10
  • Replicate First Windows 10

First steps

We need to grab an image of Windows 10 from Microsoft. (This image is intended for virtual machines). We can then import it into VirtualBox.Once that is imported we can go ahead and run the VM, and there is no installation needed it is ready to use.

We do also need to add a new user to the domain controller that doesn’t have administrator access. We can do this by opening the domain controller, Right clicking the home button and selecting the control panel. A new window will appear and we have to select the “Administrative tools” if you can’t find this you need to change the view of the control panel to small icons. We then locate “Active Directory Users and Computers” when the new window appears we can then locate the drop-down menu with the domain, in this case, it is “demmsec.local”. We can then add a new user, with a username and password.

We can go back to our Windows 10 client and change the networking for the VM to the internal network like we have done previously. Once this is done we can login to the Windows 10 client and add the client to the Domain Controller, if you struggle to do this refer back to installing and configuring Windows Server 2012 as a Web Server. We will then need to restart the machine and login to the client via the domain controller.

So all we have to do is replicate this image, we can do this by shutting down the current Windows 10 image going to virtual box and right clicking on that VM and selecting clone and naming it Windows 10 Client 2, and then selecting a full clone.

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