I’ve gone back to my home city of Leeds over the holidays and I decided to try out an app I’ve had on my phone for a while and see if I could find anything interesting. The app is called WiFi Tracker and it simply plots WiFi access points around you on a map which you can then open in Google Earth.

The app is super simple, you just open the app and it starts logging. It also runs in the background so you can have your phone locked and it will still log any access points it finds.

You can then export a KML file using the Menu. (It’s kinda weird, it says ‘Email logs as KML’ but all it does is brings up the share menu so that you can upload the file to Google Drive.


Worryingly I am still seeing WEP networks, if you have seen my video Lazy Mans WiFi Hacking you know that you can hack a WEP network in about 5 minutes. Weirdly enough, along the route we drove, all of the WEP networks (except one) all had very similar names. This suggests that they are somehow linked to one another. However, without appropriate authorisation it would be illegal to break into these networks even if we really wanted to.