What's that Fing on my network?

What's that Fing on my network?

Fing web shop and grab one for £125 (-$10 with code DEMMSEC10)


So this little device can do so much and if you haven’t heard about it well let me introduce you to the Fingbox! So Fingbox was a huge success with the company Fing achieving 1744% of their funding on Indiegogo. But not only that but their app “Fing – Network Tools” is the most downloaded network scanner in the world for both Android and iOS. With the app becoming so successful and the demand for their users wanting addition security and troubleshooting features which could only be achieved through a device. Fingbox was created.

What is this little box? Well, it’s a plug and play device that will sit on your network and allows you to secure and troubleshoot any issues that you might be having. You can control it from your phone with the app available on both Android & iOS. But you don’t even need a Fingbox to use the app you can use the app to scan your network and see what devices are running. So why would I want the Fingbox, if I can just use the app? Well, with the Fingbox in place you are able to see and do multiple things that you just simply can’t do from an app.

What can this Fing do (so many puns…)

Not only is the Fingbox great for troubleshooting and security but it can also help the whole family, more importantly, parents or guardians that wish to block dangerous sites for individual users. For example, you can monitor any device that is connected to your network. You can assign names to each device, you can analyse and suspend a device from connecting to the internet (through your network). Or if you don’t want that device on the network than you can just outright block them.

Fing has great alerting capabilities, notifying you when a new device connects or when a rogue access point has appeared. You can even have it where it will notify you when an existing device connects to the network, which can be great for parents when they want to know when their children get home. There are so many features that you get with the Fingbox and we go into more detail in the video.

What do we think?

We went into reviewing this product cautiously hopeful. After speaking with a few of the awesome guys at Fing, and got a full list of features, it’s safe to say we were very excited about receiving one of these devices.

We were not disappointed.

The setup was so simple, couldn’t get closer to a plug and play experience if they tried. It’s not very often you get networking gear, especially one with the feature set of the Fingbox, which simply works. Once getting set up we were immediately ready to make full use of all this device has to offer. With both of us having security backgrounds we quickly spun up a Kali VM, broke out the wireless adapters, and began seeing what this thing could detect.

The rogue access point detection is something which is definitely a massive flagship feature, in our opinion. Having the ability to detect rogue access points, particularly after the WPA2 Krack vulnerability was released, is definitely a feature that someone who is into infosec is going to love.

Bandwidth monitoring is a must in a household with more than one person. With everything on the Internet sucking up as much bandwidth as you have available it’s definitely nice to be able to work out why your perfectly placed headshots are missing on your favourite shooter.

To be completely clear; We LOVE this device, having the ability to get alerts about your home network when you’re not even there is a beautiful thing. If you have £125 spare (-$10 with code DEMMSEC10) or you are looking for something extra to put on your list to Santa Claus we definitely think Fingbox should be on your wishlist.